Hi, I'm Irina!  


Originally from Russia, I was lucky enough to meet the worlds of Alaska, Asia, the United States and Europe.


Through my travels, I realized how amazing it would be to report the beautiful pieces of what my eyes saw - through the picture. Fascination with photography has become my life voyage of creating timeless images full of love, tears, smiles - life as we know it.


Pure, simple, alive, emotional & intimate are the main elements to my photographs.   

Few fun facts about me: 


- I always get so excited about cooking new dishes. I buy cooking books and imagine in my head the process. Yet, it’s still my husband who cooks 95% of the time. And I never open those books.  


- I’m the type of person who, before reading a fashion magazine, always goes to the perfumes to check out the smells. 


- If it's the weekend and I haven't had my coffee first thing in the morning, oh boy. Someone's gonna be in trouble. Usually that someone is my husband.  


- When my friends come to visit, they say dust bunnies don't stand a chance when I'm around. A bit obsessed with cleaning... Ok. A bit more than "a bit"... 


- Could be related to the previous fact. Hair annoys me. On the floor, on the table, on clothes. I have a unique talent to find them everywhere, even light hair on a light surface! It looks ridiculous when you look at me hunting for hair. 


- I am emotional and open at our session. With every click of the shutter, I get inspired and fall in love more and more. You will hear a lot of “wow”, “so beautiful”, “so awesome” during our shooting :)


- I LOOOOVE karaoke! But. It doesn't love me... 


- I enjoy writing poems and dream about publishing a book. One day :) 


Now I live in Madrid, Spain with my husband and my 2 daughters Violetta & Fabiana.

I speak Russian, English and Spanish & I'll travel for you wherever you need. 


Nice to meet you and hope to see you soon!