Take Me On A Trip With You!

and I'll take care of your pictures 


Imagine this... 


You're going on your family vacation, on a girls' trip, cruise, a weekend getaway, you've decide to climb a mountain ... but you always forget to take "just the right pictures". Plus, you're kind of tired of your phone, of taking pictures, and you just want to relax. By the way, most of the times, you are not even on the pictures 'cause it's YOU always releasing the shutter button.


Well, no more of that!


I'll be there to take care of YOUR pictures. You'll see me, of course (not gonna say I'll be invisible) but you won't notice me. I'll make sure. 


Candid, natural shots of you and your loved ones. No pressure on you that "you forgot to take the pictures. Again!"


In the end of your trip you'll receive a beautiful online gallery with best shots. I will also print an album for you. 


Imagine that. 



So wait no more! 

Get in touch! 



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